Cell Memberships

Cell memberships represent fantastic value by offering you significant savings on your fees if you introduce just one or more people at the same time that you renew/join. This innovative approach increases membership and rewards those who participate. For each new person to join a cell, the cost of membership reduces for all the cell members. Additionally, cells last for 3 years, providing everybody stays on, offering long-term fantastic value golf not found anywhere else. Cells are limited to five people.


Download our Cell Membership Application to find out prices.
Cell Membership Application.

Terms & Conditions

  • Membership cells may contain 2, 3, 4 or 5 people.

  • A current Ordinary, Pensioner or Country Member may recruit one or more new Members to form a cell.

  • A cell cannot have more than one current Member.

  • Prospective Members may form cells without a current Member if they wish.

  • Cells may be made up of combinations of Ordinary, Pensioner and Country Members.

  • If a cell Member resigns, the remaining cell will have the option of recruiting a new Member, or adopting the profile of a smaller cell for the remainder of the cell period.

  • Only golfers who have not been Members of the Yallourn Golf Club for more than 15 months can be recruited as a new Member in the formation of a cell.

  • Cells may be formed at any time of the year and monthly fees for the remainder of the current golf year and the fee for the next golf year will apply. Current Members will only pay a fee for the next year at the 30th of June.

  • Once formed, cells are guaranteed the opportunity of running for a 3-year period, but the Committee has the power to vary cell fees and discontinue the program of cell formation.

  • Cell Members will have all the rights pertaining to their membership classification.

  • Junior Members cannot be recruited to, or recruit, cells.

  • The Committee has the right to vary and/or interpret these conditions and to resolve any disputes that may arise from the application of these conditionsCells may be added to, with reduced fees applying to the existing cell Members from the next financial year. The new 3-year period will apply to new Members of that cell only.

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