Gippsland Super 6 PGA Championship 2019-2020

Marcus Fraser trophy 2

2019 Summer Eliminator

The Final of the 2019 summer eliminator was held on Sunday 7th April and what a beautiful sunny day we had, a pleasant change to previous finals.

Finalists assembled early at 8.30am and received a briefing from Captain Reuben on the rules and etiquette for the day, followed by the group photos.
Assembled on the 1st tee Reuben introduced our sponsor Peter Leighton from Travel Associates Traralgon, Peter was very impressed seeing 19 players get underway and followed with interest the play down the first hole to see who would be the first eliminated, he was duly rewarded with a chip-off required to eliminate our first player in “Brains Harris” who unfortunately left his ball some 20 meters short of the hole, allowing Dennis Hicks and Steve Vella to continue to the 2nd hole.
Note: Captain Reuben had to inform one player of a rules infringement during play for unintentionally breaking a branch/leaf from a tree in a practice swing, luckily the player still made a good putt for a point avoiding the chip off)
Hole #2 saw a few wayward drives into the trees right and we had Rod McAlister, Alan Bishop, Gerry Ypelaan and Dennis Hicks in the chip off with Gerry eliminated.
Hole #3 and the only person not to score thus eliminated was Alan Bishop after a 4 putt (note to future – make the putts don’t worry about walking on other people’s line in this comp 😊)
Hole #4 had balls dispersed to all points of the compass off the tee, when settled we had Rod McAlister and Anne Marie Vella in the chip off, and both finished a long way from the hole, a measure resulted in Rod moving to the next tee just pipping Anne Marie’s ball by 20mm.
Hole #5 was a chance for the big hitters to unleash with Josh Hall’s first ball finishing way right into lot 125 of Monash Views estate, a few players scrambled their way to the green just making a point Josh had a long putt for a point but just lipped and was the only one not to score and was spotted Quickly making his way to the beer cart.
Hole #6 Darren Harris after extracting himself from the trees left with a great long draw shot to just short of the green duly 3 putted for no score being the only one not to score a point ( Note to future – make the puts don’t worry about walking on other people’s lines 😊)
Hole #7 played out with a 3 way chip off between Lyn McAlister and both in their 3rd chip-off thus far Rod McAlister and Dennis Hicks Lyn was furthest from the hole and last of the ladies eliminated.
Hole #8 the short Par 3 threw up quite a few challenges for the group with Captain Reuben having a severe plugged lie in the right bunker, Bill Estrada under trees right and a couple of other stray balls for the others, Alby Massaro managed to chip his ball up to the hole from just in front of the front bunker but still managed to miss putts for no score ? the result was our largest chip off with 5 players Alby couldn’t repeat his good chipping and was furthest from the hole and relegated to spectator duties.
Hole #9 and Steve Vella who had scrambled well all day getting through two chip offs was the only one to not score.
Hole #10 had two players Brent Burslem and Reuben Kincaid in their 2nd chip off for the day along with Dennis Hicks in his 4th chip off, Brent was eliminated
Hole #11 saw Rod McAlister finally sercombe to the putting woes after surviving 3 previous chip offs and 3 putting to be the only one not to score.
Hole #12 and mostly single handicappers left, Reuben made an easy birdy, the remaining players were all scrambling for a point, unluckily for Jacob Hall who had played flawless golf so far just missed his putt that would of forced a 7 way playoff !
Hole #13 The big hitting duo of Paul Andrijczak and Dylan Spence smashed drives way past the fairway bunker and “over” Macca’s cart, Dylan somehow managed to stuff the hole up to be in a playoff with Tom Woodhouse but chipped close to continue the game.
Hole #14 and a previous winner in Frank Hyett made an appearance in his first chip off against Reuben and no surprises here Frank chipped close to move to the next hole.
Hole #15 never fails to disappoint we saw one of the longest drives to just short of the green by Dylan and Paul Andrijczak playing for safety took an iron from the tee only to see his ball finish left under trees, a chip onto the green that flew a little far left Paul a tough putt for a point but like they say in the classics “ Goodbye” Paul was eliminated after playing steady golf all-day and depriving the spectators of seeing the big hitters go for the par 4 16th green in one.
Hole#16 Dylan hit his 3 wood over the back of the green, Bill Estrada hit a short slice right of the fairway and didn’t disturb the scorers and was eliminated…
Hole #17 and the last 3 standing were Frank Hyett, Dylan Spence and the man voted most likely to be eliminated before 9 holes Dennis Hicks tee off the 17th Surprisingly Dennis made birdie, Dylan a par and Frank his only miss hit for the day a Bogie 5 leaving 2 standing.
On to the “money hole” 18th and Dylan playing for safety hit an iron over the trees right only to finish under low hanging branches and having to chip out to the fairway, Dennis scrambled his approach shot to beside the green right and short of the 17th tee leaving a difficult chip down across the fast sloping green. Dylan was on the green for 3 and 2 putted for a 5 but Dennis somehow managed to reverse his front nine form (or lack of getting through 4 chip offs ) survived the back nine holes to sink a clutch putt for par and take out the TRAVEL ACCOCIATES ELIMINATOR.

This event thanks to great weather conditions and not to many lost balls took 5 hours, finishing in time for most participants and spectators to move into celebration mode watching the “Music on the Deck” back at the bar.
Congratulations to all entrants in the Travel Associates eliminator and those who made the final, we had a great day of fun watching some terrific and not so terrific golf shots.

Yours in Golf,
Captain Reuben Kincaid


2018 Winter Eliminator 

Our Winter eliminator final was held on Sunday 28th October under beautiful weather, a pleasant change to the previous two events.

We had 19 eager participants ready to hit off the first tee, first away was our number 1 qualifier Stefan Michalowski and we worked our way through the field getting everyone off the tee within 15 minutes, some were good shots and some not so good.

The procession moved forward to identify their ball and await their turn to hit again. We had a little bit of a wait looking for Stevie "City" Heywood's ball only to eventually work out our Stefan Michalowski had hit Steve's ball in error (I'm reliably informed Stefan's Caddy was given the blame for identifying the wrong ball LOL) …Now the number 1 rule before we hit off was for everyone to clearly write their name on the ball, so others could easily identify them, maybe the number 1 rule next time will be wearing your glasses... After all, said and done the first hole was completed and guess who was the only person not to score a point after incurring a "hitting the wrong ball penalty", and thus eliminated, YES our number one qualifier Stefan.

Lyn McAlister was out on hole 2 after a chip off with 5 others, Frank Hyett off a 10 handicap (who won the last event off 5 handicap and generously donated the prize back for this event) was promptly despatched following a two man chip off on hole 3 to everyone's surprise.

The eliminations continued without the need for chip offs through to hole 7 with Steve Heywood out on 4th,Ann Maree Vella on 5, P.J.Brown on 6th after failing to find his ball near the corner tree (it was amusing to some as we continued up the 7the fairway when Peter was handed a couple of balls with his initials on them claiming to be his lost ball 😊, Another chip off on 7th saw our low handicapper Bill Williams out after failing to score from a buried lie in the right bunker. Rod McAlister was done and dusted on 8th after another chip off.

On hole 9 Steve Vella who had managed lots of 1 pointers, was finally out being the only one not to score points. Hole 10 kept the field entertained as Daryl Hall hit his drive out of bounds and our big hitting Dylan Spence off 2 handicap and no shot hitting the trees on the dogleg resulting in a chip out followed by a 3rd shot just onto the green front. The washup for hole 10 was a show down between Daryl and Dylan to see who could put out best, Daryl escaped with a great 2 putt from long range for a point only to see Dylan miss his 3 footer and thus eliminated.

Hole 11 & 12 provided some interesting drama in that we had 5 people on 1 point at the 11th green and expecting a big chip off only to let out a loud sigh of relief when Bill Roberts lipped his short range putt, failing to score. Hole 12 we had a 3 way chip off between Daryl Hall, Lola Carter and Terry Best, Daryl left his ball short of the green and a long way from the hole, It seemed that all the other two had to do was get on the green and they continue the challenge, unfortunately Lola struck her Chip a "little" hard and the ball just kept rolling past the pin and almost back to the tee box. Daryl was super lucky to be continuing play.

From 13 through 18 no chip offs were needed as players eliminated themselves one by one, on the 13th Darren Harris was super lucky to score a point after hitting his second shot out of bounds, and Gerry Ypelaan failing to score.

14th saw the last of the ladies bowing out Betsy Brown had played some good golf through the day but missing a 2 footer was costly.

On the 15th John Horrock's was looking sweet to continue his great form only to hit a flyer over the back of the green into the scrub and trees, Darren Harris made the best of his luck with a clear line and a great recovery shot from over the back of the green to score a point, John Horrocks couldn’t escape the jungle and wiped the hole.

The 16th hole saw 3 wayward drives from Terry Best, Daryl Hall and Darren Harris and a good drive from Reuben Kincaid up far right fairway, Reuben putted "as he does" from the fairway long range to the centre of the green for an easy par and watched as the other 3 battled to score a point, Terry Best wiped the hole and after great golf and a few good recoveries throughout the day was done.

Down to the last 3 standing: the two DH's hit good drives down the fairway and Reuben who up to this point was square with the card hit a good drive down the fairway only to see it bounce right and finish behind a tree.

Reuben’s low running punch shot looked good but was a bit quick over the green finishing in the long grass and a resulting bogey. Darren Harris hit a great pitch hitting the flag and dropping to 2 feet for an easy birdy 4pts, Daryl gave me a faint glimmer of hope when he hit his pitch shot sort, but with a shot on the hole he managed to score a Bogey for 2 pts and off to the 18th tee we go...

Wow what a day we had great weather and good spectators, it was down to the final 2 standing, first away was Darren Harris who hit his worst drive all day putting it into the tee tree left of the big white gumtree, Daryl saw an opening and knocked a good drive safely up to the 150 meter marker, the crowd watched on as Darren tried valiantly to extract his ball from the trees, finally doing so after 3 more shots, it looked like it was a case of Daryl only had to score a point to win the day, a sledge from Josh Hall to Daryl saying don’t "stuff" it up now dad, I have already text mum to say you have won the Travel Associates prize added a little more pressure but Daryl was up to it and hit a good shot to the right side of the green leaving a long down hiller to the hole, he putted out for a Par for the win.

The competition was completed in just under 6 hours, and is one of the most fun events we have for players and spectators, Congratulations to all the qualifiers and we hope to see you all there for the next event starting soon ...

Yours in Golfing,
Captain Reuben


2018 Escape Travel Eliminator

Firstly, what a great event this is proving to be with the excitement of having 19 players teeing off to compete against each other over 18 holes of Golf.

Once again, the weather gods were against us, throwing gale force winds and intermittent rain, but as they say in the classics the show must go on and…that it did.

Upholding tradition (yes, I know it’s only our 2nd time playing this event) the first person eliminated after a chip off was a single figure marker in John Horrocks, our highest point qualifier Duce Dubaich was out on the second hole after a 4-way chip off, last year’s chip off king John Hutchinson who survived 6 chip offs last year was a surprise elimination after being the only one to not score on the 3rd hole. We had 3 ladies qualify for this event, and after looking favourites earlier, over a three hole stretch on 5,6 & 7 they were gone!!!

Players and spectators could feel the tension building over the last ½ dozen holes, President Steve Horter who had made some lucky shots earlier was knocked out on the 12th hole chip off followed by last year’s winner Tom Woodhouse on the 13th.

The events low marker Bill Williams off 1 was out after 3 putting the 14th hole and in the chip off leaving his ball way long, leading to Gerry Ypelaan electing to perform a Reuben and putt up to a foot from the hole and progress to the next hole.

Our last lefty in the final John Engel was out on the 15th opening the way to an exciting last 3 holes, on 16 Greg Cake faced his second unplayable for the day retreating back to the tee to resume play, amazingly Greg was still in contention after Frank Hyett bombed on the hole also, leading to a chip off, after both left their balls some way from the hole, and a close measure Frank was through to the final 3 comprising Frank, Gerry Ypelaan and Aaron Glen.

Gerry was out after Frank holed a pressure putt for a point on 17 leaving the final 2 standing after a great day golfing but enduring shocking weather with the wind and rain conditions. Frank Hyett and “two first names” Aaron Glen playing up 18th hole both with a handicap shot got away well with Aaron hitting two great shots but his ball just ran through the green leaving a difficult downhill chip, unfortunately the ball failed to release enough finishing 4 metres short.

The cagey old timer Frank proceeded to lag his first putt from 6 meters away across the green down to 2 feet and without hesitation knocked in for a bogie 5 nett 4. Aaron left with a similar putt back up hill for a tie and to send it to a chip off, just missing leaving a very happy winner of the Escape Travel Eliminator as Frank Hyett.

Well done to all players who competed and contributed to a great event, along with P.J.Brown and Rod McAlister for refereeing duties and special mention to Frank who promptly donated the prize back so we can run an eliminator over winter. Stay tuned for announcements on dates with the final to be played in sunnier sky’s around Oct/Nov 2018.

A huge thanks to Peter Leighton for his sponsorship – remember Travel Associates (formerly Escape Travel) for all of your travel needs - phone Pete on 51167900.

Yours in Golfing,
Captain Reuben Kincaid

P.S. Yes, it has been mentioned that starting holes aren’t kind to me having been knocked out on the 1st last year and the 10th this year.

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